May 20, 2017

Who would have thought that after a long infertility struggle, our Little One who came by surprised has just turned 1.

We had his birthday celebration in advanced due to Ramadan restriction on parties, so instead of 29th we made it 18th May in Sizzling Wok, Citymax Bur Dubai

For sentimental effect we have chosen Ben10 as the theme of the party because like what I have mentioned from previous post, he came after 10 years of being married.

So as to enjoy the rest of his big day, we at the same time booked a room at the hotel and we had swimming at the roof top the next day with his cousin from Abu Dhabi.

Our guest includes family and closest friends.

Now having my Little Boy I have all the reason to be positive in life. He brings so much joy to us that even being unhappy has no room in our lives.

January 22, 2017

Life has changed dramatically when Baby Marl has arrived. It's a life full of challenges as new parents yet so rewarding. There were times that Hubby and I both missed the old comfort zones that we had. Now all our time mainly evolves to our Little One. 

Becoming a mother is always been a struggle for me. It came to the point that because it's too difficult sometime I can't control not too cry and if only I can call my Mom right away to hand me a help. Baby Marl has been such a good baby since birth but a new mom, coping with the changes has been really difficult especially when the first few weeks where my stitches hurts whenever i attend to to my baby. It's too difficult and desperate in the sense that I cannot do things that I used to do.

Being a working parents is kinda difficult as well. We make it sure that all his stuff and needs are prepared atleast a night or early morning before we leave him to the baby sitter.

April 13, 2016

While writing these, I'm on 6th day of 30 Weeks. Today I had my first prenatal checkup for third trimester and based on the ultrasound Baby T is in the right position already. He's head is down to the cervix, backside is on the left reason why most of the kicks in on the right. 

So far he's doing well, everything is normal. Starting this time we will be visiting the OB every two weeks. Next visit will be a pregnancy scan for third trimester.

He does kick a lot now specially at night which keeps me awake most of the time. 

Gender U-Photo

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