January 22, 2017

Life has changed dramatically when Baby Marl has arrived. It's a life full of challenges as new parents yet so rewarding. There were times that Hubby and I both missed the old comfort zones that we had. Now all our time mainly evolves to our Little One. 

Becoming a mother is always been a struggle for me. It came to the point that because it's too difficult sometime I can't control not too cry and if only I can call my Mom right away to hand me a help. Baby Marl has been such a good baby since birth but a new mom, coping with the changes has been really difficult especially when the first few weeks where my stitches hurts whenever i attend to to my baby. It's too difficult and desperate in the sense that I cannot do things that I used to do.

Being a working parents is kinda difficult as well. We make it sure that all his stuff and needs are prepared atleast a night or early morning before we leave him to the baby sitter.


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