November 2, 2008

All Saints Day!

They attend Mass together. She's late for the 5:30 afternoon Mass so they wait for the 7:30 Mass since the next mass is French. While waiting, she lights the candle and offers a little prayer for love ones who passed away.

Then they go inside the Church even the French Mass is on going. She kneels down for a while to say a little prayer. Before the Angelous she asks him if who is his favorite saint but he did not reply. She thinks that maybe she can tell him the story of her favorite saint after the Mass.

The Mass ended, she suggest that they better walk than to wait a bus for an hour with a very little chances to take it since hundred of passenger is already waiting. He agrees.

Nothing seems so sweet for a couple hurriedly crossing the road hand and hand. He slightly pulls her hand so they can cross the pedestrian road before the traffic signal turns red. They walk through the sandy park before crossing the next signal because the road is close and it is the easiest way to pass. They're almost half the way. Its the last signal they have to take and they almost argue whether to cross the road or not even if the traffic signal is red since the vehicles are not moving.

Few blocks before they reach their home they agree to dine outside. 5-6 Km is a bit tiring to walk and run but they didn't mind. For her it is the best time they had on the road.


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