November 16, 2009

Rodliz’s Nest


People talk to me, but i don't really hear them.
Their words float in the air until my mind finally acknowledges that i need to give some kind of response.
My day dreams aren't even dreaming.
I feel bored, lost, uninterested in much of anything.
I pick up the phone to call you but it's the wrong time or i know you're out of reach.
There's no one else i want to talk about whatever is happening or not happening in my life.
I go through the motions and do all the things i usually do, but my heart knows i'm not my usual self.
My life is on hold. I look at the clock and the calendars, and the hours, and the days take on a renewed sense of length.
Time stands still.
The nights take forever.
My sleep is restless.
My life is on "pause.....wrong"
I pray that you're safre from all harm and you're feeling alright, that you're healthy and sleeping well.
I miss your laughter.
I miss our talks.
Sometimes I almost cry for no reason but my heart knows better.
I'm just sad
I Love You!

Missin' U,

Being far away from each other after the marriage was the hardest part of being a couple. One can't just imagine how we survived. There we're times that i almost wanted to go home...though we talked everyday and chat during the weekend still it was not enough.

We miss each other badly!!! Hubby would always say that we already had a farther life as lovers and the more when we got married. We just thought that it was the life that God has planned for us. And sooner we'll be together.

I had my one month vacation after a year and a half and that's the only time i felt that i'm a wife. I was there to pamper him with so much love and care. Prepare his things, his food....everything..... like i was serving a King.

And again I have to leave…….then after a year and a half again….he came to Dubai….and that’s the time we start our lives together….


Mom of Four said...

Rough start pala kau Sheng, well..ganon talaga eh, pero ang life kasi laging may pagsubok, and of course, in every marriage, lagi talgang may trials, nasa inyo na lang kung pano nyo harapin di ba? Kaya maraming naghihhiwalay, kasi di nila nakakayanan, at marami ring nagtatagumpay, kasi dahil sa lakas ng binding nila at LOVE sa isa't isa, they can overcome all the trials na dumasating sa kanila..And I am so glad na isa na kau dun. Well, tayo pala..whether it's financial, or the didn't matter, it's how you handle and face the reality of life and how you accepted the fact that Married life is not always sweet and heaven..sometimes, it can be sour and well..nasa iyo na kugn paano mo ito i turn into sweetness again..gulo noh??

eds said...

mahirap talaga pag magkalayo.. yan siguro ang dahilan kung bakit pag minsan nag-aaway kami ni habibi at nageempake ako ayaw akong paalisin hehehe.. Pero saludo ako sa relationship nio kasi di biro ang mabuhay na magkalayo.. totoo yan kasi sabi ng brother ko nun nasa abroad sia and wife nia nasa pinas talaga lahat ng tukso nasa tabi .. at least kau ayan nakayanan nio un pagkakalayo nio.. :)

heres mine >>

chubskulit said...

I experienced the same with our first year. Sobrang hirap diba..

Find out how John & Rose survived the long separation.

darly said...

i salute couples like you, hirap mag-maintain ng long distance relationship pero nothing is impossible for people who truly loves each other.

Happy CC, mine is up too:)

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Manang Kim said...

Well congratulations, naku saludo talaga ako sa inyo na for a year of not seeing and having together does survived it well. Thumbs up to you my dear.

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Kero said...

well, when two people are meant togther, the universe will conspire to keep them together.

ang hirap nun. halos 2 years din pala kayo nag LDR. mabuti kinaya nyo without further complicating the marriage.

more power to you as a couple. sana magka-baby na din kayo to complete the family. May God's grace continue to shine on your marriage

sheng said...

@mom of four: Well, cguro nga ganun tlga kaakibat na ng pagaasawa ang mga pagsubok..

... there's more to come mom liz...sana nde ka magsawang magbasa ng istorya ko hehehe...lav yah:)

@eds, chubskulit, darly, manang kim: it's our love for each other kaya cguro nagsurvive kami sa LDR...

@kero: Thanks dear....Baby na lang tlga ang kulang samin....

acmumcee said...

waah.. that was hard.. just like ate rose's story.. saludo ako sa inyo at nakayanan nyo ang mga araw na hindi kayo magkasama.. I experienced being away with hubbydubs for 6 months, it was harder because I am used ti being with him everyday.. but it's equally difficult to long for doing things you wanted to do to fulfill the role of a wife.. see you again next week, ate sheng..

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