December 15, 2009

Rodliz’s Nest

It’s Couple’s Corner again….the reason why I love Wednesday. Well, for the past 3 weeks we’ve been talking about things that concern our emotion and now I am glad for today’s topic because it has change the mode.

Shopping…..well, I don’t shop a lot as much as every woman does. When I was still single I prefer to watch a movie every time I go to the mall or spend my weekend together with my friends at the bar, beach and amusement parks. And when it comes to clothes, bags or shoes I am not very choosy or brand conscious unlike my husband who loves branded items that’s why he has fewer clothes and shoes but a better one. I buy clothes at a surplus shop, flea market and even to “UKAY UKAY” but if I like a certain shoes or clothes on a branded shop even if it is very costly I would definitely buy it. I have plenty of shoes that sometimes hubby would ask me why I am not using some of it…. then sometimes he would also complain that I have so many pairs of shoes and he has only about 6 pairs… I will just reply him that the cost of one pair of his shoes is equivalent to 4 pairs of my shoes.

As a couple, one thing I love when we shop together is that he won’t buy anything without my opinion…so when I say that a certain item that he likes is not good that means he won’t buy it. So most of his clothes were bought upon my approval or anything that I bought for him he would surely like. For two years of being together here in Dubai, I’ve learned to wait for the Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai Summer Surprises so I can buy him anything at a lower price and most of the time I went to Outlet Mall where I could buy shirts and jeans in Giordano, Adidas, Puma, Rebook and Nike (his favorite brands) half the price of that for the regular season.

Taken at the Outlet Mall

Now that it’s Christmas, I don’t think we would be spending money on shopping. We spent so much money during our vacation in the Philippines last August – September so we can’t afford to buy new things for this time.

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Mom of Four said...

Lam mo, pareho ang mga hubbies natin na may particular hilig sa shoes. Hubby ko, ang gustong shoes eh Sketchers, saka ako ang bumibili ng mga damit nya, pano kasi walang tyaga. Buti nga ang hubby mo at sumasama sayong mag shopping.

Ay pareho tayong mahilig sa Ukay Ukay, naku eh yan ang aking favorite place in the world, ngayong me mga anak na ako. Aba, eh kabibilis kaya nila lumaki, sayang naman ang bago, makakalakhan. Magaganda rin naman ang mga items sa thrift store dito, basta matyaga ka lang mamimili.

Masarap talaga mag shopping kapag ay SALE, hay! sana duamting na yung time na kahit medyo mahal pwede ko ng bilhin. Aba at nagsipag bakasyon grande pala kau sa PInas? ang sosyal!

teJan said...

heheh... our husbands don't shop so much but if they shop? it should be for real..weee I mean the branded and the good one!

Happy CC!

Clarissa said...

Naku lahat yata ng husband ay mahilig sa shoes.I'm not choosy din over brands,asawa ko lang kaya sa kanya na lang ako nagpapabili dahil kung ako ang bibili,sa mga anak ko lang napupunta lol!!Ukay-ukay??Fave ko rin yan dati sa Pinas!!

Happy CC!!^_^

anne said...

And I guess they are the best when choosing things for us, lol na experience ko na yan hahaha

Manang Kim said...

Buti pa asawa mo Sheng at may 6 pairs itong akin eh tatlo lang ata. Snow boots, formal shoes, yung pang-araw2x, at di pa halos bibili eh kasi daw okay pa. He always tease me about Imelda Marcos diba she has shoes more than 3,000 pairs? Eh sabi ko nagmana naman ako doon char!!

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