December 29, 2009

Last Sunday we we're invited for a birthday treat at Xiao Wei Yang, a chinese restaurant which is also famous for their hot pot menu.

Here we are posing on a camera....hubby wasn't really interested to come with me because he was very tired and wanted to sleep early but i insisted that he should come. I don't like to miss such opportunity that we would a photo of us and besides the celebrant requested him to come so while waiting for the celebrant and the food we ordered we took some photos of us.

The celebrant, Ms. Juvy Narvaez, together with our common friends Ate Norie, Cheryl, Aron, She, and Pangit. I played as the photographer on this photo.....hehehehe

Here I am....hehehe.... posing besides hubby and Che...It has been our yearly routine to celebrate our birthday's with our friends. And i thank all my friends for having them as our second family here. The whole year round wouldn't be merrier without them.

For Jov's....

I hope u had a wonderful birhtday! Am sure there could be no greater birthday without your friends celebrating it with you. I wish you all the best in life! I love you! We'll always be here for you! Happy Happy Birthday Dear!


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