January 13, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest

Isn't it that the first duty of a husband to his wife is to love her? And a husband can show his love to his wife in many ways: by being courteous, kind and considerate, rather than speaking harshly to her. In Colossians 3:19, we read the following: "Husband love your wife and don't be harsh with them." Providing for her needs, thinking of his likes and dislikes, trying to make her happy, are also ways for husband to say "I Love You."

He maybe kind but it doesn't exempt him from being mean. His love for me blinded him that he almost don't see all the good things that I’ve been doing for him instead he's full of doubts, suspicion and negative thoughts about me or in all things that I’m doing.

I hate him for his everyday attitude……for asking and saying that I’m seeing other guy before I go home from work or whenever I leave the house to meet some friends. He is the most jealous husband in the world wide world and I really hate him for that.

There was one instance that he really made me angry. One time I came home late because I need to wait for my boss who’s working outside the whole day and was scheduled to leave that night…..he has to give me so many instructions so I have to stay and wait for him in the office. Then I went home really tired and hungry and when I reached home he was there welcoming me with his very irritating look. And when I entered our room he followed me and asked me whom did I met, where did we go and what did we do. Just imagine you were so tired and hungry and you will hear those words? That made my blood boils! I became so angry with him that I told him that he should never compare me with his coquette sisters because I never flirted with anyone. And with that he became so mad at me also…so we’re like two lions that are ready to sink our teeth into each other. I became so furious with him for what he said and why does he have to get angry with me also wherein he had started the fire. So what I did, I told him to pack his things and leave me and go wherever he wants to go….which he never did.

After an hours he was there comforting me and told me not to mention any member of his family when we’re fighting.

He maybe the reason why I always cry and get angry but still he was the same person I promise to love till death and so I’m always there willing to bear all his “love”. He calls it love(doubts, suspicion, negative thoughts)


Mom of Four said...

There are some men that by showing LOVE, they get jealous, and some get really possessive too. Maybe, ganyan ang hubby mo, sobrang love ka nya, kaya para siyang laging natatakot na ikaw eh mawala, and the only way he can show you how much he loves you is thru his jealousy. Pinalays mo ba? wahahaha..well, natakot siguro, kasi nga namankung lalayas siya, eh di mawawalan siya ng super ganda wife.. Naku, tingnan mo nga kahit na lagi kayong nag aaway, ayan at ka sweet nyo pa rin. Naku, maraming away pa kayong pagdadaanan..bago lang kayo eh, hehehe..

sheng said...

Ay naku mommy liz nde nga umalis eh....at correct ka jan, takot niya lang na mawala ako hehehehe.

Sa katunayan niloloko nga kami lagi sa bahay na ang sweet sweet daw nmin sa pictures parang nde daw nag aaway hehehe

Hay para nman tuloy akong natakot sa mga darating pang away nmin kung marami pa nga hehehe

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