February 10, 2010

I was blog hopping today when I learn that Pehpot is holding a contest for a Free Movie Date and i thought of joining.

I have had few memories at Walter Mart way back my teenage days in Balibago, Sta. Rosa, Laguna but it’s not about a MOVIE DATE or a FREE WIFI inside the mall. Before, there were no amenities like such on that mall. I don’t know if they have it now.

So now let me share you some unforgettable moments I have on that mall.

At WalterMart, me and my teenage crush bought flowers and chocolates for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or on any other special day. Imagine how I simply managed to chose the most beautiful bouquet of red roses and the best almond chocolates while wishing he will give it to me instead of giving it to his girlfriend.

At WalterMart, I waited for his girlfriend for one hour and accompanied her for another one hour while waiting for him to come since he had overtime.

By the way, He…was my co worker, my bestfriend, my crush turned first love. I look at him as my big brother and I was a little young sister for him that’s why until I leave that company I wasn’t able to tell him that he was not just a friend or a brother…….

In case I win this contest, 2 movie passes will go to the couple who became really close to my heart through blogging. It will be my Valentine's reward for them for being the best Daddy and Mommy for their toddler despite their busy work.

Good Luck to me...


pehpot said...

Hi Sheng! you're one of the winners

sheng said...

thanks Mommy Pehpot...

as what i have said am giving the two movie tickets to the couple close to my heart...The Mushroom Couple..

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