April 20, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest

Our days at work!? With this topic i thought of our working schedule and how we simply waited for the hours weekend or rest day.

I hated hubby's schedule at work but there's no chance that he can ask for some consideration like he will just stay on day shift (7am - 3pm) . He's working in a production area and they're having 3 shifts with their day off from Wednesday - Friday. All his co - workers stays at the accomodation near the company while he prefered to stay out because of me.

I am working with the normal time from 8:30 am to 5pm. If hubby is working on 1st shift it means i have to wake up 4:30 am to prepare his breakfast and pack lunch and i hated waking up that early, if he's working on 2nd shift he will wake me up when he arrives at 1 am just to ask me what i prepared for his dinner and lastly on his 3rd shift sched i need to go home as early as possible to make up with the lost nights that we didn't spend it together.

While at work, he'll give me a miscall to tell me that i should call him to ask how is he or how am i...how's my/his day and what's for dinner or breakfast. There where no days that he didn't do that. Thank for the phone at work where i can call my hubby anytime of the day free of charge.

See the map below? The dot almost near the creek is the place where we stay and on the northern part it's where hubby works while am working on the south. It took us less than an hour before we reach our work. As you know my hubby is the most jealous husband in the whole wide world so i should be at home before or at 6pm if not...that would be a long long explanation why I am late. But even if he seems to think negative most of the time he never forgets to ask me if how's my day and vice versa.


I love it when he shared me all the things that happened for the day either at work, on his way home or just anything that he wanted to share. But since i have a very monotonous working situation i seldom share him what happen in a day at my work.

So what about you guys? What's your experiences as couple who spend their lives away from each other during the day or working hours?


Rossel said...

wow complete with map pa ha?kahit seloso e concerned naman, kinakamusta ka.

Mom’s Ups and Downs

sheng said...

@Rossel: yup sis kakatuwa na rin ng puso na kahit papano eh kinakamusta ako un nga lang minsan nakakainis din kasi may kasunod un ng pang asar...hehehe

Mommy Liz said...

OK pati ang visual aids. bakit naman nag mi miscall, di ba siya pwedeng tumawag sau at ikaw naman ang kumustahin? Oy, kahit seloso si Marlon mo eh napaka sweet din di ba? Masrap din yung kinukumusta nag iyong araw, parang interesado at he cares for you a lot. Di ba mahirap ang situation nyo diyan, gawa ng kayang broken shift? at least ikaw eh consistent. Hay, ang love nga naman, kahit anong mangyayari, nasusunod pa rin. Next week na topic natin eh "We're the Best of Friends"

Anonymous said...

that was sweet!

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