April 14, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest


How I love Wednesday! For all the Wednesdays that Couple’s Corner has turned my boring life at work into a busy and entertaining one, I think RodLiz deserves a reward. What yeah think? Hugs and kisses would be enough as a reward? Hehehehe

For our topic today which is “When we watch movie together” I imagine ourselves watching a movie in a cinema. Hubby loves action movies where as I love science fiction and historical movies but when we were still dating we used to watch horror movies so whenever I get scared I would immediately hug him tight (hehehe tsansing) that sometimes made him scared not of the movie but because of me…

Way back in the Philippines, as couple who seldom see each other it's the cinema where we spent most of our time but I hate it whenever I get carried away with the movie we're watching I would notice him sleeping. So what I do I would scream out loud esp. when were watching scary movies so he will be awaken with my voice…hehehe

Now that were here in Dubai we both love watching movies at home but I hate him watching the old Filipino action movies again and again so I tend to watch other movies with our flat mates at the living room.

Avatar was the last movie we’ve watched together at Mercato Mall and he hated me for being so noisy while watching the movie hehehe….

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simply kim said...

wow! congratulations!

Mommy Liz said...

hehehe, thanks ha at binigyan mo ako gn reward. Ang sarap ng feeling..

anyways, pareho pala tayong maingay manood ng movie, kaya nga ayaw kong nanonood ng mga horror, si Rodney nagagalit sa akin kaapg nasisigaw ako, kasi di raw siya natatakot sa movie, nagugulantang siya sa aking mga sigaw, hehehe.

Kapag di ko gusto pinapanood niya, sa iba ako nanonood, ayaw nya ng mga gusto ko eh, hehe.. Pero most of the time, pareho naming gusto sila Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, teka pansin ko,b akit puro lalaki ang gusto namin, kapag girl na ayaw na niya, hmmm..unfair yata to ah, teka muna....

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