April 8, 2010

What do you think about men who stay home and do all the household chores? I think now a days it's not a big deal anymore for men to cook, clean, starch, and iron while the woman works. Roles of men and women started changing long time ago but when was the last time you met or saw your husband do the ironing of clothes like what my hubby did last Friday? I was busy preparing our dinner that day and when I came out from the kitchen I saw him ironing his clothes and uniforms. I found him really sweet...yeah? Everybody and I were teasing him for doing that...though he often does that but inside our room and not with our flat mates seeing him. He knows that I wasn't feeling well and was busy that time so I was really glad that he didn't ask me to do it for him. I'm doing the ironing of our clothes weekly but because I was too lazy for the last two weeks so almost all his working shirts and uniforms are piled up for ironing.

So guys would you allow your husband to do all the household chores? Me? No! I want him to stay as a hunk husband (hunk? hehehe) but doing household chores sometimes can be considered as a sweet gesture.


K said...

hi sheng! hubby is a stay-at-home dad, he's the one taking care of our baby while i work (from home as well) and does most of the chores at home. i think your hubby is sweet, ironing your clothes because he knows you're not feeling so well. :)

by the way, i dropped by here to check if you're still interested in a blog template for your new site? i checked it and saw wordpress wasn't installed yet? anyways, you can email me (there's a contact form in my blog) if you're still interested :)

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