June 8, 2010

Hmmm... I haven't updated this blog lately about the latest happenings in our lives. No recen't photo together from the latest birthday that we have attended. hehehe

But if there's some good news I should have posted last week that would be...Pangit was awarded as the "Best Employee" of Pacman for the month of April. A certificate, a souvenir pen and AED…….was given to him as an appreciation for a good performance. I know he deserves the award and with that CONGRATULATIONS TO MY ONE AND ONLY PANGIT!!!

It was not the first time, on his firs year he was awarded with NEW COMERS AWARD for being the top in the production. Have I mentioned it before that he is not happy with his current job...it's not because of the work load but because of the compensation. He joined that company at a very low rate...he accepted the offer because he was hoping that after a year he would receive a satisfactory increase to his salary. Having 7 years experience on the job his doing now, the company did not require him to undergo training. He is very competent to what he is doing that's why he keeps on telling me that it's really unfair for him that the company pays more to the newly hired Indians who doesn't even know anything about their work.

Early this year, we've been trying to send his CV's to any printing companies in Dubai hoping to have a good offer from them not for the purpose of joining them but he wants to show to his current company that some other company offers him more than the wage that the give him.

But now that he received an award he changed his mind, he will just finished his contract and look for another job or if not he will negotiate for a better pay before the renewal of his contract.


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