August 24, 2010

Does it like "there should be no POLICEMAN or LAW if SORRY is always accepted"? I guess it is...I being a very sensitive wife to Pangit, simple sorry is not enough whenever he has done something that have hurt me so much and i can sleep without talking to him though as they say couple should settle any arguments before going to sleep. 

At times that SIMPLE APOLOGY is not enough I usually...
  • don't answer his call and i go home late after work
  • don't talk to him or if i answer to whatever he ask me i answer him in a very sarcastic way
  • don't prepare his things and let him do it by himself
  • eat alone and i don't mind if he's watching me...waiting for me to prepare his food also.
  • don't kiss and hug him before we finally close our eyes to sleep
  • let the days pass without being nice to him or if i say something i would tell him again and again that what he did is not good.
  • remind him all other things he and his family has done on me in the past that have hurt me
And if i hurt him i don't have to bother that he will treat me the way i treat him when i am angry with him. He easily forgives and most of the time he will clearly tell me that what i did is not right. Though i don't really exppress how sorry i am whenever i hurt him but the moment i hug him and he kiss me back...that means were back to each others arm.

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Mommy Liz said...

Ganon! ang haba ng hair mo ha.. Hehehe! di mo talaga kinakausap? Kami kasi, kapag si Rodney ang galit sa akin, at alam kong ako ang may kasalanan,d i pwedeng di ko siya kausapin, at kapag ako ang galit sa kanya, ay naku, di ko mapagtaguan, hehehe. The next day eh meron ng isang box na shrimp na pasalubong..

kha said...

Parehas tayo sis..I did the same if I am angry to him. Lucky to our hubby they love as that much..happy CC here's my share

Rossel said...

kami hindi makatulog hanggang di naayos ang problema. he loves you that much, sis. always willing to forgive and forget.

Clarissa said...

Gosh,ako naman di ko kayang di cya kausapin,si hubby naman kayang-kaya na di ako kibuin pag ako ang may kasalanan lol.
Sobrang forgiving si fafa mo kaya siguro medyo spoiled ka pag nagagalit ka sa kanya^_^

Thanks for dropping by sistah Sheng!Ingat palagi!

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