September 21, 2010

I think Couple's Corner has gone so far now...and as we share today the hardest days of our marriage i think it's the best time also to thank everyone...the host, Mommy Liz, and all the participants of this meme for the never ending desire to share the experiences of a wife and mother as a whole. For all months that we've been doing this i can say that i've learned a lot and i've enjoyed reading and leaving some comments from all your entries....and more on that i love all your comments on my entries. Hoping to visit yours and receive more comments as well... Happy CC!

Going back to our topic today, the hardest days of our marriage was the first 3 years of our life as couples living far apart from each other. Hubby was in the Philippines and I was here in Dubai. It was really really hard to have the internet and mobile phones as the only means to communicate. There was a time when Hubby heard some hearsays that I was dating someone and I can't depend myself with merely telling him on the phone. I was crying so hard while we were chatting just for him to believe me yet he was not convinced and he thought I have really done it. For me that was hardest thing I've ever experienced in our relationship and I can never forget that moment that's why when he finally came to Dubai I told myself that nothing and no one can ever take us apart.

And the other thing was that when he was hospitalized and his friends take good care of him and the only thing I can do was to pray for him to get well soon. You can’t just imagine how I wanted to be with him during that time. So then now that were been together I’ve promised to myself that wherever I am my husband would be there with me.

I maybe paying some debts till now yet we didn’t find ourselves having been in a great trouble with regards to money and fortunately we’re both in good health so other than being apart for quite long time we've never been into a real bad situation.

How about you guys? When was the hardest time and how did you handle it?

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Mommy Liz said...

am so thnksul sa intro ng iyong entry, kaka touch.. I am learning from all of you and I am happy to share my marriage stories too, na hindi naman laging super ganda, may pangit din di ba?? walang perfect sa mundo..

being apart from each other is the hardest things that a couple would face. Rodney and I never been separated for more than 3 months at a time, but it was really hard. Chatting everyday doesn't help much. mas lalo kaming nag aaway kapag magkalayo, grrr..
I can understand your situation, lalo kapag may mga hearsay, sarap manabunot noh? hehehe! at tama ka, kapag may sakit ang asawa mo, tapos ang layo at wala kang magawa kundi umiyak, parang gusto mong magsisi bakit magkalayo kau.

Hay! ang buhay may asawa, hindi madali, sino ba kasing me sabing madali ang mabuhay lalo kung kasama mo ang taong di mo naman kaano ano, hehehe..joke lang.. LOVE can withstand anything basta pareho ang goal nyo, "to keep the marriage work" di ba?? lahat kaya nating labanan at lampasan, basta alam nating nandyan lang sila sa tabi kasama natin sa hirap at ginhawa di ba?

Chris said...

wow, i have never been apart with my hubby...

hope you can pass by my post too!

Jona said...

i agree that living apart with your hubby is hard even though i've been apart from hubby for only 1 week at the most when he had a project in cebu. praying for your hubby can help :D

my CC entry

A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Vhen said...

living apart is really hard!

following you hope you follow back =)


zoan said...

whew, pag married mas mahirap talaga ano kung long distance:( sana kami ng bf ko when we get married, magkasma na kami:(

Wifey10 said...

Oh yeah sino ba namn di makak relate sa long distance relationship. it's hard esp. on those time you know you needed each other the most..Bakit kaya usong uso sa atin and tsismis?haha..Great day sis! Hope you could visit mine too! =)

Soulful said...

i can relate to that since we're on the same situation right now, as in living apart from each is difficult on my part since i have to take care of the kids all by myself but at least i have something to keep myself busy. nice post!

Halie said...

I have yet to be away from my husband. Hindi ko kayang maimagine na mawala siya sa tabi ko.

Good thing at magkasama na kayo.

anne said...

I am in that situation now but the only difference is that my husband doesnt think I AM dating with someone else. Dyusko sa kakulitan ng mga anak nd na nga ako makakalabas with friends lol at saka sa hirap ng buhay naun yung pera nami eh andun sa banko for saving at yung iba sa bills haist

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