September 16, 2010

Oh my....I think I am the Queen of being overly sensitive. I don't know I wasn't like these before until Pangit and I got married.

I maybe a jolly and friendly person who talks a lot and laugh a lot but when it comes to Pangit who most of time is fun of making jokes…. I always tend to be very sensitive. He even told me before that I shouldn’t be like that and I will tell him back that jokes are half meant. So really I don’t want him to say anything that would hurt me it maybe a joke or not coz if he did either I won’t talk to him the whole day or I would be nagging him…

We're just human and it's only normal that sometimes we become sensitve but not over as in overly sensitive. Hubby who out of the blue would always mention that I had a relationship with someone when he was not here yet here which really did not happen, I would immeadiately burst out with anger coz i hate him telling that I had an affair with someone even if I did not...and if he says that he was just joking....grrrr it's not something that someone can make a's a very sensitive topic or words to say to anyone who loves you so much. Before I can't really control myself not to say anything bad on him whenever he tells me that but as the day pass that he keeps on telling it....i came to realize that enough wouldn't help if i would always be very sensitive for a very common or normal things he says...normal coz it's an everyday words you would hear from him.

But we came to the point that we really had a big fight just because of a simple joke and that was the first time I have almost packed all my things and ready to leave him. Imagine I was almost ready to give up the promise we had for each other, the sacrifices and difficulties we've been through just to prove our love to each other and our dreams for the future.

So i guess being too sensitive can really ruin a relationship or it's no longer healthy....Now I've learned to make jokes when he's making some jokes and somehow it helps to lessen the arguments.

Happy CC Everyone...late n2man entry ko

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Wifey10 said...

haay as I read all the entries mas panalo nga tlaga tayong mga girls sa ka sensitive!hehe..mamihas rin sa huli! =) have a great weekend! hope you could visit me back

Mommy Liz said...

Sheng, alam mo bang kapag nag kakakwentuhan kami n rodney ng about our pasts, mauuna siyang mag joke about how many women he had, tapos mag sabi rin ako na naka 3 bfs ako bago siya, nakow, eh naha hurt na. sabi ko, mag start siya, tapos napipikon naman, hehehe.

Minsan kasi kugn sino ang mahal natin yun ang masyadong nakakasakit sa ating loob kpag nagsabi ng bagay na hindi totoo. If it was other person na nag joke, and because di natin sila carry, we don't care di ba? it's who you love most, can hurt you more..I believe in that.. na immune ka na sa kaka joke nya aboout your "imaginary bf" hehehe.

Soulful said...

the intensity of your being affected equates your love for your hubby. because if you don't care about any person, you will never be affected by any thing he says or does. just always be mindful of the possible consequences of your actions..

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