January 9, 2011

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year's Celebration! And it will be nice to read your posts for PBW!

Well, i am sharing our photos during New Year's Day! Hubby and Zizzy haven't been to Dubai Mall since they came here and so I decided to bring them there on New Year's Day to see the dancing fountain and take a look inside Dubai Mall.

Hubby and Zizzy
Hubby and I

....at the foot of the tallest building in the world....the Burj Khalifa.
It was Hubby's first time to watch the dancing fountain performs and all he can say was that "grabeh ang ganda". He even said that its worth the wait since we came 30 minutes before the first performance.

Then we went inside Dubai Mall to simply look around and took some photos at the large Christmas Tree, outside Dubai Aquarium and watched childrens and adults ice skating at Dubai Ice Rink.

And as we are heading to the Waterfall we noticed a very unique car...a Batman car that appeared at Tim Burton's live-action films Batman in 1989 . This car is owned by a local Emirati car collector, Ahmed Al Attar.

That's all for this time and hope to see you guys again next week...Happy PBW!

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anne said...

I haven't seen dancing fountain, we have it here but its not that much unlike there. I am sure you and your hubby had a blast! Mine is here http://www.terryannemary.com/2011/01/pbweekend-birthday-bash-on-december.html thanks

Sassy Mom said...

Nice sights...I'd really love to visit Dubai one of these days.

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