February 10, 2011

Who among you have already fallen in love and not sure if the guy who was courting you for a year really likes you? Well maybe for some it really takes them time to build up courage to express their true feelings but not for a year I think.

Laugh at me...I don't care! But really I was about to tell Marlon that I love him and ask him if he feels the same. We're not stranger to each other when we first met...we're neighbors kiddy love team and though we haven't seen for 10 years somehow we know each other. But would you believe it took him a year to ask if what is our status and told me that he was already tired of meeting/talking with each other like friends/neighbors and he wanted to know when...? And for someone who has been waiting for those 3 magical words only replied "You want it now?" And that's it.

A year after... I think that was on our 1st anniversary when I asked him what took him so long to......you know what he replied "because I wasn't sure if you like me too"...and he wanted to make sure that I have fallen in love with him already.

Well, I think the most courageous thing I did for love was to entertain him through the months that he was courting me and wait for him to ask about our status.

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mjrodriguez said...

Hahaha....sounds like you guys are the king and queen of the waiting game! akala ko nung una pakipot, tapos nung tinanong, sumagot kaagad, LOL!

Happy GT!

Travel-Junkie said...

Thats so sweet!
I can imagine the daily meetings, where you both look like a couple but not officially one yet. Cute! :)

lyzacruz88 said...

so nice to be in-love! happy GT!

followed you, hope you can visit http://www.lyzalane.info/2011/02/girls-talk-my-courageous-act-of-love.html

darly said...

awwwww, that's so sweet. Your waiting has paid off, and the rewards are just so sweet.

have a great weekend, here's my GT entry- hope you'd check it out too.

kim said...

falling in love is really a courageous thing to do.. coz you're putting your heart at a great risk..

sHeNgKaY said...

hahahaha..kinilig naman ako sa waiting game nyo..ayeee!

heres mine..

Janice said...

wow, one year? I don't think I could have survived that long. Hehehe! Good thing it worked out for you. :D

I'm a new follower of yours. Hope you get to read my entry too: http://flippertail.blogspot.com/2011/02/girls-talk-courageous-act-of-love.html. Thanks!

K said...

waiting is not really my strong point. LOL. great that both of you are good at playing that game, otherwise you wouldn't be as happy as you seem to be now ^^

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