March 8, 2011

For some of you who have been a visitor of this couple’s blog for the last two days, I think you have noticed the new makeover. It’s lovely, isn’t it? I like it so much and the hearts and vector image of couples kissing makes it more pretty. It adds more idea to all viewers that this blogs really talks about daily lives experiences of a husband and wife.

Well, though I have few knowledge about Basic Web Design and Photoshop where I can probably used in doing some makeover on my blogs still I have to ask some help from the expert because I can’t promise that I’ll come up with a good design. So then, as I have read from most of my blogger’s friend that Kaye of WAHMaholic Blog Design offers some blog makeover, I asked her if she could help me too.

Kaye is really great! With few exchange of emails on how i wanted my blog to look like, here it goes as what you can see. So guys if you are one of those blogger who need some makeover on your blogs, go check out Kaye and her design.


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