April 13, 2011

Oh my! This is difinitely a very late post! Well, i agree with you Mommy Liz that it’s women’s nature to be late even when blog entries are concern. (lol)

"Marlon! 'Ney, Pangit! What keeps you so long in the bathroom? (Daig mo pa ang babae pag maligo!)

A usual scenario everytime Hubby takes a bath. I really wonder and even our flatmates what other things he does in the bathroom that takes him maximum 30 minutes to take a batch everyday. The reason why I hate us taking a batch together it’s because even if I’m already done he won’t let me out from the bathroom. He wants me to wait for him till he finish and that means 20 minutes of my time is gone.

Usually it starts at the bathroom but would you believe that it also takes him so long to choose from what clothes to wear, to put some gel on his hair, to apply a moisturizer on his face and lotion. If it’s women’s nature to be late, well some men tends to be late also and my husband is one of them.

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