April 25, 2008

Marami nagtaka kung bkit daw napapadalas ang uwi ni pangit. He was in Bicol sometime in June or July to arrange for his credentials, then back again in August for the barrio fiesta, November for the All Souls Day and Christmas.

His relatives told me that before he used to go home only once or twice a year but when he started to court me that year he went home almost 5 times. Six months after we met in Mla he sends me a letter which says about his feelings. So then i don't know of all the suitors i had after receiving that letter i started to think of him before i sleep and even when i wake up in the morning (totoo pala un). Don't know if it was the start of loving him. I've read that letter in front of my mom and sibling. Like me, my mom could not believe that he wrote that letter so well. I'm not that good in grammar but i can say it was good enough. So then i replied to that letter and followed by another letter.

For that year everytime he had his vacation he would always come to visit me in our house. We used to talk of all the nonsense things about our past as a child and even talk about our families, relatives & friends. I don't know...never in my past suitor that i would spend time talking nonsense but with him...i love and like it...maybe because we're talking about our past as a naughty kid.


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