April 25, 2008

Like most of the woman i have set of standards for Mr. Right.
  1. God Fearing - I was not raised religious but i was brought up being aware of all the teachings about God. Spent my secondary education in a convent like school that helps me live a Christian life. So above all other traits i want my husband to be God Fearing. I believe that when he posses this trait he is a kind and noble man with respect to God and fellow men.
  2. Intelligent - I dreamed of having a husband on his coat and tie, an executive. I want him to be more intelligent than I. His ideas should be better than I and that he should outstand me in all things.
  3. With a great love for his family - I believe that if a man has a great love to his family he will be a good husband and father to his own family. (Later this standard will give me so much trouble.)

In SFC we we're taught that not all prayers are answered or sometimes it is answered in a ways that we never know coz it's not the same thing we have prayed for.

Pangit may not possessed all the qualities i was wishing for still i have love him more than he knows and i know he loves me so much also.


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