April 24, 2008

It was in May 2001, while i was arranging for my credentials for the coming school year, i saw him in his cousin's house who is my childhood bestfriend, Nhang. I stayed w/ nhang for a days and she told me that during weekends all her cousins visit them. Then he mentioned about pangit regarding the picture i have given her. She told me that she saw my picture to pangit's wallet. Telling me that she asked why he had my picture. And that pangit answered her that he saw it scattered on the floor. She wondered why did he has to kept it on his wallet... not unless he is interested or he likes the owner of the picture... that was what she thought.
We went to the market that time then when we arrive pangit and her sister was already there. He was i think playing with his cellphone and he did not even care who came. Then Ate Ting2 said that "Boy uya baga si bhing2" .
From then on, her cousins started to tease him why he has to kept my picture. I don't remember anymore what was his reply. He never spoke to me, he was still the typical demure guy i know 10 years back. The teasing continued but i never considered it serious coz i was used to it since i was young.
For the couple of days that i was there, he comes almost every other day which his cousins has wondered why coz they told me before he comes only during weekends. With that they we're given another reason to tease him about me but he never replied anything serious.
The day before i left they we're teasing him "na dapat ihatid niya ako". Actually sa lahat ng biruan nila nakikisakay na lang ako and i never thought that he was already serious about it. One night as i was washing my clothers he talked to me, asking whenam i leaving?
Halleur!!! All of the sudden he talked to me, is it becasue i was leaving as what Nhang has told me? Hehehe
I remember he really did come that day i left... hinatid niya ako hanggang labasan..hehehe


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