November 11, 2008

Sometimes in marriages fight occur and one or both people get hurt at what is said. Wish we are exempted from these...but we're not. Just recently we had a big fight and it was just because of me. I'm a superb hardheaded! I seldom listen to him. I go for whatever is right for me and now i go beyond the limit. So expect the worst scenario like exchange of harsh words, throw things around (like what had happened to my mobile which he thrown to the wall), kick, punch or slap (ako lang) or i will leave the room and slam the door.

Every couples know that the best part of fighting is making up. And i've got 5 ideas from the internet of how making up should revolve as a ritual.

1. Making love is one great way to show forgiveness and understanding. (Hahahaha, you read my mind, needless to say)

2. Fixing their favorite meal. (Like always)

3. Going out to a special place or favorite hang out. (Sometimes)

4. Giving them a card or gift showing your love and calling a truce. (No time, hehehehe)
5. Openly telling them how much you love and appreciate them, despite the differences. (Oh yeah)
I will always love this part of our life as couple...making up.


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