November 13, 2008

Was tagged by Niko. Thanks Sis, you made my day busy...hehehe. For first time mom like me i'll share you my wish list for all the things I want to buy before baby comes home. I dream of having a baby boy so expect that all stuff with a touch of blue.

Carrier or Sling - For some cases that i'd like to carry my baby close to me and keep my hands to do anything around the house, shopping or just going out.
Bath Soap, Shampoo, Lotion and Powder - I put Johnson products on the picture shown above... I don't really know if i'd be using the same one or i guess i'll wait for the advice of the doctor when the baby comes.
Bath Tub - I remember in the province mothers used the basin when bathing the baby or the others lay the baby in thick cloth where it absorbs the water.
Books - I've read that even the baby is an hours old reading is a great bonding experience. It's the voice of the mothers which is important and not necessarily the words.
Bottles - Diffinitely i'll breast feed my baby for a months and when i started to work again i'll stop it so i need the bottles.
Bouncy Chair - I'm not certain if i'd really buy this item but since it's just a wishlist better to add it on the list.
Changing Table - If the yaya requires me to have it, so i'll buy it but if not.... then good.
Cloth Diapers - Of course this is not for the baby but for me to use for just about anything - burping, spills, cleaning up spit up, roll up to use as head and neck support etc etc.
Clothes - My baby needs to wear something!
Crib - I'd prefer to co - sleep with the baby at night and during the day i'll let him sleep on the crib so i would not have any worries that he might fall down in bed.
Diaper Bag - It's best to have it when you're going out.
Diapers - Disposable diaper, Cloth or combination of both. Outside the house and at night i'd be using disposable and cloth during the day.
Diaper Pail - I don't know if it's really necessary. Just adding it on the list.
Diaper Wipes - Just adding on the list also.
Hooded Bath Towel - This is best for little ones and they say the cotton material is gentle against sensitive skin.
Onesies - I think this goes with baby clothes.
Rocking Chair - I've never seen my cousin or neighborhood buying this thing when they have a new born baby. I remember they'd just buy for that "duyan" that will help their baby sleep well by simply making a slow movement.
Sleep Sack - Simply adding again on the list
Stroller - It's more comfortable for me and the baby to have this for sure.
Thermometers - This is to monitor the baby's temperature.
I don't know if this are enough?
A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.
Eda J. Le Shan


Rache said...

congratulations :) i'm excited for you :) nice list you've there... i'm sure that list will grow longer and longer by the time you give birth :)

honeybhing23 said...

yeah sis! i'm really excited for the baby to come. hopefully next year.

niko said...

kala ko naman you are expecting na ate!!! waaaaaaaaaah

gudlak ha! sana baby boy rin sau! :D

honeybhing23 said...

niko, hahaha excited ka na rin magkababy ako noh..hehehe

bsta inform na lang kita pag buo na:):)

balbal said...

abha..gulak,,cguru putiputi man yan,,,hahaha,,

honeybhing23 said...

oi val ikaw yan ano?

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