December 10, 2008

In celebration of Eid Al Adha and as declared by the government, Dec 7-9, 2008 are holidays for private sector.

So on the second day, we decided to have a picnic at Dubai Creek Park. The same group who went to Dreamland last time but not with Leslie. Well, it was a day of fun. The moment we entered Gate 4, we just look for a better place to put our things and foods then started to have our brunch since we didn't have much time to have our breakfast. After that we took a lot of photos then roamed around the creek till we reach the cable car ticketing office which is actually our purpose in coming there. We learned that it will be opened at around 6pm so we go back to our place and eat again.

Then, Clinton bought a ball and we grouped ourselves into two. At first we played volleyball but since the ball has a very light weight and it was easily carried by the wind so we changed the game. Still group into two, i don't know what's the name of the next game but it goes like these...the first group will stay at the middle and the other group will throw them the ball. The goal is that the ball should touch them all and they will be out. Then change position...............till we get tired. So far on this game everyone enjoyed and felt like we're a child again.

Since everyone was tired, we rest a little and had our food again. While we were eating we saw that the cable car was already operating. So we went to the ticketing office to buy for a ticket but on our dismay the queue was almost 100 meters. What to do? We don't have a choice but to fall in line and wait for about 2 1/2 hours.

Anyway, its worth the wait. The moment the cable car started to move and went up we were all happy to see the whole city of Dubai at night.

Here's our best photo for that day!


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