March 26, 2009

A flat mate of us shared that there is a chinese restaurant in Al Khaleej Center which offer a hot pot menu. Since we never shared a dinner at a chinese restaurant with their "shabu shabu", i asked Pangit to meet me after paying the bill of Barclays Card of my boss.

We entered the food court passing through the KFC Entrance and tried to look around trying to find the chinese restaurant. We didn't know that we have passed it already so we go back again. Actually it was only a branch of the same restaurant at the Twin Tower in Deira.

First time for Pangit to eat there so i prayed that he would like it. While waiting for our order we took some photos and from time to time Pangit would look at the chinese ladies near our table. Shared some stories how often we saw those ladies near our place while waiting for their customer:)

By the way, we ordered 1 hot pot (AED35), fried rice (AED8), Ice Tea (AED3) & Water (AED2) with a total of AED48 only.

I was glad that though at the start Pangit didn't like it...later he then love it and even ask me to give him more shrimps and vege's.


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