April 30, 2009

I was watching Judy Ann & Ryan Agoncillo wedding featured in SNN when Boy Abunda said that they get married yesterday April 28, 2009, i wondered when i heard that date i felt like it has some significant or important value to me. Then i remember, OMG! It was the same date we got married 4 years ago. Can't believe we forgot this very special day of us esp me. Was it because of me being forgetfull recently? Or because my mind is focused for his coming birthday?
Ok, to recall....we got married by civil rites April 28, 2005 at Manila City Hall with hubby's uncle and auntie as our witness. Our marriage wasn't approved by my parents and since both our families lives in the province they we'ren't able to come that day. We got married for security purposes other than of course being inlove with other. I was scheduled to leave May 5, 2005 going to Dubai to work as reliever to her sister and later look for another job.

While watching JR's wedding i can't help not to relate how our wedding became so unknown mostly to our relatives and friends.

Ok fine, we forgot to celebrate and thank God for another year to live our lives together. But you know what, yesterday we became so sweet to each other. I don't know if it was because we are supposed to be dating and celebrating our anniversary like what we have done last year (our first anniversary together). He was still asleep when i came home so what i did was to prepare for our meal for the dinner. When he was awakened he told me to lie down with him and we started to hug, kiss and teased each other which was very unusual to think that we just had a small fight the other day.


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