September 26, 2009

For the past few months i had experienced a little pain on my left abdomen which i thought was because of my irregular bowel movement or frequent constipation but then when i had my check up during my vacation in the Philippines the doctor found out that i had an ovarian cyst that measures 2.7 cm. It got me worried that maybe i won't bear a child anymore but the doctor told me it has nothing to do with bearing a child...meaning i can get pregnant anytime. I was supposed to take a medicine that will dissolve the cyst but since i was travelling few days after the doctor decided not gave me coz it usually cause bleeding and she was worried if it occurs during the travel instead she suggested a follow up study of my case.

So when i came back to Dubai, i decided to have a follow up check up. I complained about the frequent pain i was experiencing esp during ovulation but the doctor told me that it's normal and it's called ovulation pain.

Out of curiosity and eagerness to know what's really happening on me...i found this site that best explain ovulation pain


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