October 5, 2009

We moved to another room on the same flat but before moving out i took this photo as a remembrance on how does our cute little space look like. I had taken a photo also before we left Rm 311, Sunshine building.

Well, speaking of the common colors in our room which is BLUE...i became fascinated with it when i got married...coz i think it wouldn't look good if my room/things are colored pink (since it's my favorite)...so to balance the colors i have chosen blue as our motiff as it was the color that is usually associated to boys...before i had a combination of pink and blue but now as you can see...all stuff are almost blue.

To add with it...i have here our slippers at home...does it look great...those are cheap ones only from Thailand...don't mind me sharing it...hehehe

Our new space (can't call it room since it was just a part of a room which was divided into 3 to minimize the cost of rent) looks the same as that of the first photo...aside from the colored pink stuff hanged on the wall.


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