October 11, 2009

Together with our usual buddies (Ate Norie, Chie & Mane) for going out, we went to Jumeirah Beach Park last friday.

It was me who planned for it so when i ask permission to Pangit that i'll go for swimming at Jumeirah beach park with our common friends, he then said "No!".... for the reason that he can't come cause his schedule is 3rd shift. I know it was not the reason why he doesn't allow me to go instead he is worried that maybe other men are coming with us...

Stubborn as i am i insisted that i will go even if he won't allow me coz at the end of the day i still have my personal life even if we're married provided that he is informed.

So friday morning, i packed my things and prepared to go at noon... Worried as he hell!!! Hehehe he said he will come...that made me happy:)


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