October 21, 2009

I am already late for this (Couples Corner #1) but I still thought of sharing it and of course to complete the story…hehehe

I’m Sheryl Ferrer and my hubby’s name is Marlon Tomanglao. For a brief introduction, we are neighbors, classmates but not friends. We had our life as a kid like strangers due to our families, relatives and people in our barrio. As young as 7 or 8 years old when our fathers started a joke that we will be there “manugang” in the future. So everytime we pass to each others house or neighbors house expect that they would say “Bhing (my family calls me that way) nanjan si Boboy” or “Boy nanjan si Bhing2x” or “Oi, anjan ung mamanugangin ko”. Reasons that sometimes made us cry or “mapikon” With them around us, taught us to be aloof with each other and we even hated to become playmates just to avoid them teasing us.

Then we had separate lives (I studied in Manila while he stays in Bicol) during secondary school which I thought had stopped them teasing us…but no! During my vacations I would still hear same words that they used to tell on us...So who would ever think that those 2 little young ones whom they used to tease would fall in love with each other after almost 10 years?

Well, I’m a wife who actually dreamed of a husband in a coat and tie! Meaning he should outstand me in so many things, he should be more idealistic and intelligent than me…someone who knows everything. And career wise he should be in a top level management… but I had him as the opposite.


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