October 22, 2009

Got inspired by Niko, so i wanna join this Couple's Corner too... I have to jump to COUPLE’S CORNER #2 The Day We Met/Dined Out since i was already late for the first one.

Like what is written on the right side of my blog we’re a childhood neighbor’s favorite love team so we somehow know each other.

Now, let me go straight on our first dine out. I came to visit my sister in Laguna (midsummer of 2001) and promised through text messages that I‘d like to meet him also. I was starting to like him that time already…

Excited as we are, we planned to meet in Manila as I was coming from Laguna and he was from Bulacan where he is working. We thought of meeting in Abad Santos at his cousin’s place then decided to go to SM Megamall. He came straight from night duty so he was feeling so sleepy and tired. We took an air-conditioned bus going to the mall and while we are in the bus I thought that he would be a little sweet and cheerful coz it will be our first date… but gosh! He sat still and never said anything. Later I’ve known that he never take an air-conditioned bus coz he doesn’t like the smell of air freshener. Upon reaching SM Megamall we search for the nearest food chain as we are both hungry due to traffic at EDSA. We found Mc Donald’s just as we turned right from the entrance of the mall. He told me to find a place and I chose near the window overlooking the parking area while he ordered for our food. So here comes the first turn off! I have always dreamed of meeting a gentleman guy like those that I saw in the movie where the guy offers the seat for the lady, sees to it that he’s on the danger zone while walking in the road, assist the lady taking the jeepney or buses etc etc. So that time I was expecting him to ask me first what I wanted to eat but he didn’t. So when we’re about to finish our food I told him that it’s not a gentle way ordering food without asking your companion what he/she likes. He just smiled and said that he didn’t mind asking me anymore coz he was real hungry already and he just wanted the food to be served asap.

After that we hop to each and every shop we pass. Actually we met that time coz he told me that he has something to tell me personally. So that was on my mind the whole day that we we’re together but as the time goes by and as the sun was about to set I heard nothing from him until I decided to go home. From SM Megamall he accompanied me till Alabang Festival mall where we had our dinner and there I told him what he wants to tell me. And he said No…Nothing…. There I got furious telling him that I have wasted my whole day and my money for nothing? (Taray Ko Noh) And he said that he was a bit shy telling it to me that time and he said sorry if he was not on the mood to talk to me coz he really felt so tired and so sleepy. With that I felt guilty….i forgot that he came straight from night shift duty…something I should have considered.

We part our ways at around 8pm. Instructed him where to take a bus going to Monumento since he was new to that place and I went home to my sis in Laguna. When I reach home I shared to my sis what happened that day and she was teasing me why did I act that way…expecting him to tell me his feelings about me. Really as mad as I am I told my sis that I was expecting him to tell that he likes me and what are his chances….

…but he said nothing…..

He called me many times but dared not to answer coz I was really mad at him…then he used another number….asking sorry for spoiling my day…


Mom of Four said...

Hi Sheng, first of all, thank you very much for joining this Meme..

Aba aba, ibang klaseng love story ito..Sa mga una kong nabasa, kilig to the bones kami, ito naman, inis to the bones.,.hehehe, nahawa ako sa inis mo...Anyways, very interesting, tapos bitin pa..Kelan naman ang kasunod? Hahaha!

Siguro mahilig kang magbasa ng mga romance novels, hehehe, nag expect ka ng "gentleman" well..natatawa ako habangh nagbabasa, kasi parang nararamdaman ko ang inis mo..
Anyways, wait ko ang next episode ha. Tagal naman, ilang days pa, baka may kasunod pa uli ang dinner nyo..this time, snack naman..hehehe..

eds said...

Iba nman ang version ng iyong story... may halong pagka imbyerna hehe.. hmmm.. ano kaya mangyayari next week? :D

Heres my version ;


honeybhing23 said...

@Mom of Four and Edz...hehehe ibang klase ba? eh ikaw ba nman kilig to the bone ka sa meeting nio dahil akala mo magtatapat na sau dahil gusto mo na rin siya tapos alang nangyari...

mas lalong kakaiba nung dumating ako ng bhay...nde ko na masyadong knwento jan...pero parang ganito un...pagbaba ko mismo ng sasakyan binato ko ung bag ko sa sala at ngitngit na ngitngit ako sa inis na kung bakit nde niya sinabi ang pakay niya... so ang nangyari pinagtatawanan ako sa bahay dahil ang OA ko daw...umasang masyado tpos ala naman hehehe

Mom of Four said...

Ang lufeeet!!! ayan, kasi ba naman ayain mo ng date eh gutom at puyat ang tao.. aabangan ko ang next week mo, hehehe..tingnan ko kung magtatapat na, or baka sa mukha niya mo maibato ang bag kapag nagpakipot pa rin.. Hehehe. RodLiz

honeybhing23 said...

naku dear medyo matatagalan pa po ang pag aabang mo kasi medyo aabutin pa ng ilang posts or weeks bago humantong sa inaabangan mo hehehe

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