November 15, 2009

Hehehehe! Most of my flatmates we're late today and some declared this day as their own holiday. It's always been like that....we've never missed any of his flight. And like today, again we are all gathered at the receiving area just to watch Manny's fight....forgetting that we might be late at work.

It was such a magnificent performance of Manny, I presumed Pangit is really disappointed again with his opponent. I can imagine how our flatmates would tease him when he goes home today. As a boxing enthusiast and a boxer during his teenage life, he never believes Manny's strength...he always said that some of Manny's punches are unbelievable. That's why most of the time he loss the bet like the previous fight of Manny vs Hatton....wherein their wager is one case of beer.

Well, congrats to Manny and to all the Filipino out there who prayed for him...


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