November 15, 2009

Everyone at home talks about the movie "2012", most of them watch last thursday and leaving some of us watching wowowie...huhuhu. They know's how much i wanted to watch the movie as well but since my hubby has work last friday we postponed watching it for some other day.

And yesterday, i told him if he would like to watch the movie since we're both going home earlier. And he answered, up to answer that i hate most coz i don't know if he really likes or not. So to avoid more arguments, i decided to have our new haircut and maybe we'll watch the movie on his restday on Thursday.

Aside from our new hairdo, we bought some shirts and slacks. We also had our dinner at Kape Korner in Al Attar Shopping Mall, a resto offering all the Filipino delicacy. It was almost like we had a simple dinner date...hehehe

Can't wait for we can watch the movie "2012"..


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