December 3, 2009

Rodliz’s Nest

Sorry for being late Mommy Liz, i was to busy celebrating the UAE's National Day....hehehe. So here's my story for this week.....Kiss and Make Up has always been the best moment i love from being a couple.

Well, I may have the most jealous and quick-tempered husband in the world but he knows how to tame his violent, hardheaded and sometimes naggy wife. He is a man who easily forgives while it took me days and even weeks to forget whatever he said that hurt me. It says that couples should never sleept without settling an argument....but we had many times and that is always because of me. Usually i would never accept my fault even if it was mine....I have never been a submissive wife and often times i would do whatever i like even if without his aprroval which made him so mad at me. I came to the point of making him so angry with me just to know up to what extent he can do with me.....and now that i knew it i am quite confident how to handle an argument with him for the next time....and i don't care now how many fights we may have as long as we'll be back into each other's arm after a while....besides fights really matter in a relationship and it is always been considered as one of the spice in a marriage.

You know what's the best way my hubby can tame me? Hehehe. It's when he hugs me while saying "sa susunod kasi wag ng matigas ang ulo mo" then he will give me little loves bites on my ear and kisses on my forehead, my cheeks, my chin and a passionate kiss on my lips which will lead to an awesome lovemaking.

So i guess that's enough for the little fights kiss and make up story and wait for next week topic which is "Jealousy arises when" <----- another sensitive topic for me....h


sweet_shelo said...

wow ha... awesome love making.. You're the second one who mentioned that term.. but you are true.. after the fight is a big fight na naman, sa bed.. hahaha

sis , hope u could check mine too. Late din ako.. Thanks

Mom of Four said...

Aba, pareho na kau ni Chuchie, after daw ng little fights, kiss and make up nila eh LOVE MAKING, ehehehe. Ang sarap ng feeling kapag inaamo di ba? para bang feeling mo eh, isa kang super important na tao, andyang susundan ka kahit umeebak ka, para lang mag sorry. Tapos ikaw naman panay ang irap, as if ika si Ms Universe, wahahaha...gang sa yayapusin ka na, hahalikan, at papangakuan ng laht lahat, but the best gift of all, his LOVE and Faithfulness di ba?

Oks lang kahit walang mga bribe, kahit walang gifts, ang mahalaga, after the fights, kayo pa rin, sweeter than ever.

Yes, next week would be about Jealousy, naku, ako ang numero unong selosa, kala mo naman gwapo ng asawa ko noh??

sheng said...

@sweet shelo: napatawa mo nman ako...tlga nmang sinabi pa...."big fight nman sa bed"...ewan ko ba effective na pang amu un sakin hehehe...

@mom liz:hahaha correct ka jan mommy liz...ako ung tipong sobrang pakipot pa kahit sinusuyo the point na sa sobrang inis ko nasisipa ko siya hanggang mahulog sa kama hehehe kaso sadyang mas malakas lng tlga ang lalaki at nde ko mapigilang nde ako mayakap at mahalik halikan hanggang.........

ay naku baliktad tau...never akong nagselos...hehehe

Clarissa said...

whew!!Ang lamig-lamig dito eh bigla tuloy akong nag-init dito lol!!Nasa trabaho pa naman ang asawa ko waahh!!Ang sarap ng kiss and make up nyo--YUMMY!!ehehehehee!!\(^0^)/

Have a blessed weekend to you and your family,Sheng!

sheng said...

@clarissa: ganun's 4 am here at kasalukuyang napapangiti sa message mo..

hay nga nman ang sarap magblog lalo na pag may mga comments kang narereceive..

Have a blessed weekend too..

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