November 30, 2009

In celebration of Eid al-Adha we had our 3 days here's what we did....

Thursday, 26th Nov. 2009 was just an ordinary rest day....hubby whose working on a night duty slept the whole day while i did all the necessary things to do at home. I was supposed to spend swimming on the afternoon at Mamzar Beach with flatmates but hubby said "No! You stay here!"

Friday, 27th Nov. 2009...hubby slept for 2 hours only.....and then we went to Dubai Zoo as requested by our friends....then from Dubai Zoo we went to Mercato Mall and neighboring shopping center and we went to Jumeirah 1 to take our dinner at Ate Norie's place.

At Dubai Zoo

At Mercato Mall

After dinnner we decided to go to disco, hubby and i left ahead of them coz we still have to buy his new shoes for tomorrow's basketball league of their company.

At Kuya's Disco Pub in Nihan Hotel, Deira

Again, it was hubby's first time to go to a Disco here in Dubai. I don't know if he really enjoyed the night since he was already feeling so sleepy as early as 10 pm.

Saturday, 28th Nov. 2009...Pacman -CCL Basketball League at N Sports Al Qouz. We arrived so early at the venue so while waiting we went to nearby warehouse sale of all branded items.

And then the game proper.....there was only 2 teams, White Team (my hubby's team) and Red Team. Only few employees attended the game so i was requested to take the individual score of all the players for white team.....reason why i only had few pictures of hubby.

After the game we went to Al Attar Shopping Center and had our dinner at Agemono Restaurant.


chubskulit said...

sweet naman.. followed your networked blog/facebook.

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