February 24, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest

When was the first time I prepared him a breakfast in bed? Hmmmmm…that was during my first vacation in the Philippines where I tried so hard to please him with the food I prepared. I didn’t know how to cook before so everyday I have to make a great effort to prepare something that he would like.

Here comes in Dubai….Great thanks to all my roommates & flatmates who have taught me to cook, somehow I’m too confident enough that every meal I will prepare for him, he will surely like. In our previous flat, most of the times we had breakfast, lunch and dinner in our room while watching a television…so breakfast in bed was something usual for us.

Then when we moved to another flat with a bigger space last year we didn’t take our meals in our room anymore but it’s either on the dining table or living room whichever is available since we have our flatmates sharing with us.

I've mention the first time, wanna know the last time?...hehehe Well, that was on Valentine's Day! Since he was working night shift last week i thought of preparing his breakfast in bed with the Valentine's Card. So i woke up early, prepared a grilled salmon and buttered mix vegetable with rice and apple and his favorite 3&1 coffee which i put in our bed. We had a fight the day before Valentine's day so i've asked my friend to ask him what was his reaction when he reached home and saw what i prepared for him. He said to my friend na "nakakataba ng puso...ang korni." I was glad that he liked it.

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Rache said...

so sweet...

Kero said...

aaay so sweet! hubby was soo busy during Vday kaya we totally skipped celebrating. kahit card wala waaaah

my entry is here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2010/02/breakfast-in-bed-nightcap.html

Mommy Liz said...

Nakakataba ng puso, so corny? but he definitely loved it. Oh eh bakit naman nag away na naman kayo before Valentine's Day? Pero alam mo, yang mga extra sweetness na ginagawa natin sa ating mga spouses, di nila yan makakalimutan. they would always cherish those moments :)

Rossel said...

corny daw pero nagustuhan nya. sweet naman kase at talagang nakakataba ng puso.

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AC said...

ang sweet naman.. kung siguro ako masama loob.. icacancel ko nalang ang plan ko.. bwahaha!!!

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