February 23, 2010

With the thought of Rab’s enjoyable vacation here in Dubai Che has booked all Thursdays and Fridays for.....

A night at the bar - The Music Room, Majestic Hotel Tower

Che & I enjoyed the Smirnoff Icebut Rolly & Hubby didn't like the taste of Foster...somehow the old rock music entertained us...it think it was just the old britons who fully enjoyed the 80's music...hehehe

A day at the beach - Jumeirah Beach Park

Advance celebration of Che's 30th birthday...Nadine and Lester came also...well, as usual hubby and rab i think enjoyed looking at those sexy ladies with their two piece swim wear..

Another night at the most popular outdoor cultural entertainment and shopping venue - Global Village

Hubby was working night shift so he wasn't able to come with us....again we roamed around every countries booth...
Another day and night at an Arabian-inspired resort - Madinat Jumeirah Hotel

We had a picture taking near the gate of Burj Al Arab and at the entrance of Wild Wadi water park.
Then headed to where we planned to go...at the Madinat Hotel

Again we roam around the blurky shops then later find some restaurant where we can eat but then we didn't find so i suggested to take dinner at the cafeteria near the fish port.

It was endeed a busy weeks for all of us....Thanks Rab and Che!!! I hope Rab really enjoyed his stay here ....


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