February 23, 2010

This was the greetings posted on the wall of Ponderosa Restaurant where we celebrated the Valentine's Day.

I have posted it on my other blog that maybe we don't have a date on Valentine's Day. But after that little suprise (i will post about it on the next Couple's Corner meme) which i think made my hubby realized that we really have to go out and celebrate the day of love. He decided not to go to work that night and be with us (Me, Ate Norie and Mane) at Ponderosa Restaurant which we planned the day before Valentine's Day without him.

So here's our valentine's photo....we we're forced to do that hehehehe..

And here we are.....a group Valentine's Date...

The food was great but then i did not enjoy the dinner coz i had a gas pain till we go home...huhuhu but anyway we'll try to go back there some other day....


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