February 2, 2010

We attended Ate Joy's birthday which was held at 365 Restaurant in Satwa Dubai. I forgot but it was too late to remember that every time she celebrates her birthday her church mate usually prepare a little worship. We were the last one who came and all guests are well dressed but hubby and i was looking like were going to the market...hehehe! Anyway, it's our presence that counts.

"Eat and run" Hehehe! Beforehand Ate Norie has informed the celebrant that we'll not stay long coz we have a visitor who came from Saudi. So after the worship we ate a little and leave.

When we reached Tatay's place we ate again. Ate Norie prepared ginataang hipon at alimango, papaitan (as requested by Chie), fried fish and chicken biryani. When everybody was full, Hubby and Rab had their first toast of vodka and Joni, Manel, Chie and Ate Norie carry on singing their chosen songs on a videoke installed in a laptop while Jovi and I were simply watching them. Few minutes after we joined them dancing and singing. Can't imagine how that small receiving area serves as our dance floor hehehe..

Late night we had our little walk at the break water in Jumeirah Open Beach.


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