February 4, 2010

This song made my day hehehe. I was tag with my flatmate last Sunday and it's so timely for today's CC topic...

"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." Sam Keen

He might be the opposite of what I wanted from a husband but I love him for being so and will always love him till my last breath... I love him so dearly for what he is and what he is not.

He maybe the most jealous and possessive husband in the world but I love him because I was his only girl/lady/woman he has dated and loved.

He may not understand me esp. when it comes to family matters but I love him because he sticks on me even if I hate his family.

He maybe sarcastic most of the time which tends to gets my blood boils but I love him because he knows how to tame a hardheaded like me.

He may not be sweet or caring but I love him because he loves me in his own unique way.

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Mommy Liz said...

Ay ang sweet naman. Kahit madalas ang asaran nyo eh, loves na loves mo pa rin siya. Kadalasan kapag mahal natin ang isang tao, natatakpan na ng love natin kung anuman ang kanilang shortcomings, tayo na mismo ang nag iisip ng katwiran bakit ganon sila at nasasabi natin sa sarili natin na..eh mahal ko siya eh. Di ba Sheng??

Thanks for joining this week. See you again next time. Ingat kau dyan ha.

acmumcee said...

ang schweet schweet naman ni mommy sheng.. lahat ng pagkukulang ni hubby eh laging may katumbas na dahilan kung bakit mahal parin.. ganyan nga ata talaga pag mahal natin.. in spite of anything they don't have, they can't be and they are not eh super loves parin natin sila..

Happy Love Month!!! =)

sheng said...

Yup my dear Mommy Liz and Acmumcee...sabi nga nila once na nagmahal tau nde lang ung maganda ang minahal natin sa taong un kundi pati kapintasan at kung anong wala sila...

teJan said...

hi sheng, you really love each other..thats why!!! ahheheh. haaay sometimes we don't know the reason we just try to define:)

like you both!

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