March 3, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest

Honesty is by far one of the most crucial aspects of a relationship. Many couples suffer from the deception of not being honest with each other. I remember during the first 2 years of our relationship as lovers I was advised by a friend not to tell everything to hubby like the late night school activities or weekend gate away with friends. They even told me that those things which I think would cause some future arguments should be kept within me and it’s not being dishonest because in every relationship we need to leave something for ourselves. But since we promised that we will be honest to each other from all the things that we’ll be doing…… so anything I do I made it sure to tell him.

So having a long distance relationship for a years, honesty help us build trust and a strong relationship though sometimes being too honest had cause us problems also.

Now if there’s one thing we can’t talk about with each other that would be family matters. Anything that concerns our own families is handled on our own. We don’t talk about exes’ coz we don’t have exes’ instead hubby would talk about my friends whom he thought I dated some of them which I will always honestly tell him that I have never dated anyone except him.

We frankly tell to each other na ang pangit mo!!! …that I don’t like what he’s wearing or that he doesn’t like my make up. And that he would straightly say on my face that the lady we saw at the supermarket is so sexy and yummy…or I can giggle right in front of him everytime I saw Piolo on TV while saying "ang guapo guapo tlga ni Papa Piolo."

That's all for this time...see you guys next topic at Couple's Corner


Kero said...

oh no! i am late for my MM post! been really pre-occupied today..

...but i sneaked to post something special for you here dear..

sheng said...

thanks dear! love it!

Mommy Liz said...

Ay ang pangit naman ng advise ng iyong mga friendship. Dapat laging honest sa ating mga hubstrs, kasi kapag may nalaman silang secret mo na galign sa iba, naku, eh away nga. Ako wlaang maitago sa hubby ko, ang galing manghula, kainis, hehehe.. about pera lang naman ang minsan eh nagkakaroon kami ng diskusyon, ang dami kasing me birthday sa Pinas..

sheng said...

pera? lately din po yan dahilan ng away nmin kasi nga tumutulong pa rin ako hanggang ngaun sa mga kapatid kong nag aaral...

so honest to the max nman ako kay pangit...ewan ko lang siya hehehehe

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