March 24, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest

Sacrifice! I don’t know what to share…I’m not in the mood to write since last week but for the sake of today’s meme let me tell you guys some stories that entail sacrifices.

Like what I’ve been sharing here at couple’s corner our relationship before we got married was already full of sacrifices. We bear being away from each other for years just to pursue my studies in college and it was really a hard time for both of us. It does not end there! A week after getting married I flew to Dubai and that was the hardest decision and the biggest sacrifice we had…hubby allowing me to leave and work abroad so that I can support my family. Thanks to the technology that brought us closer even if we’re far away from each other.

I guess sacrifice for our love ones doesn’t end on big matters only coz every day is a chance to do a little sacrifice for them. When hubby came to Dubai 2 years back I’ve learned to stay at home and forget my ballroom class, short course studies, religious group and being an outgoing person. All the things that I have to do should have his approval and when he said no…means sacrifice for me because I have to set aside my own happiness and to look after on what makes him happy.

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Rossel said...

giving away your own happiness is definitely a sacrifice. maybe not as big as what like others did but it still is a sacrifice and I salute you for that.

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sheng said...

@rossel: tama po kau jan sis

Mommy Liz said...

See, sacrifices ang lahat ng yan. Yung i give up mo ang mga bagay na ginagaa mo, or things na meron ka, para sa ikaliligaya ng mahal mo. Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng LOVE. Interesting...Thanks for joining kahit medyo wala ka sa mood magsulat. I am glad you always make it to a point na meron kang entry.

Me-an said...

true sis. Sacrificing something is not only to make someone happy but also everytime I sacrifice something it makes me complete.

AC said...

I agree... everyday is a chance to do a little sacrifice to the ones we love... and you've given up everything you have been doing because of him... indeed a sacrifice...

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