March 31, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest

The best way to nurture a relationship is to make our better half feel loved and appreciated always and I believe sweet gestures can help nourish a relationship.

So for today’s theme which is sweet gestures of couples… let me tell you some gestures that we do to each other.

If hubby is not sweet then I must be his opposite or else our relationship won’t last till now hehehe. So let me start by giving him a massage every time we are watching a television in the living room, prepare his favorite milk with Milo before sleeping, give him little kisses and a tight hugs before he closes his eyes. Wake him up every morning if he’s working on a day shift then prepare his breakfast and pack lunch. His dinner is always ready even before he gets home from work. If he’s working on a 2nd and 3rd I wake him up with a call from work.

‘Bout my hubby’s sweet gestures towards me? Love it when he give me water every time we eat (I always forget to prepare water during meal time). He would always kiss me goodbye before he leaves to work even if we just had a fight last night or few hours back. He would hug me tight and kiss me on my forehead when we’re watching a television in our room.

Well, isn’t it really sweet to make our hubby feel that they are really loved with our simple yet sweet gestures?


Mommy Liz said...

Anything that we do to show how much we appreciate our spouses will help nourish our relationship. There are couples that are not showy enough, and their relationship suffers. Minsan I kiss rodney, just cause, or I give him a hug out of the blue. Little gesture of love makes them realize that they married the right women and they feel blessed.

kimmy said...

he is simply sweet...

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