April 1, 2010

I’m turning 31 soon and I hate thinking about it! Wish my clock will stop on 30 only but this is it! I am coming nearer to supposedly a life of a mom enjoying her moments with her kids. When I'm looking at the photos of my batchmate at The Sisters of Mary School, together with their kids I felt happy yet sad coz i don't know when will i have my photo with  my little angel too. Other than my new years resolution I am praying for a cute baby this year. I dearly pray to God that He will give us.

These past few days I’ve been experiencing a lower abdominal pain and since I’ve been dreaming to get preggy I thought that maybe I’m pregnant and it is normal to experience this on the first few weeks of pregnancy. So just for the thought of that I became so excited and even if I am used of taking medicine for my overly sensitive skin…I tried not to.... coz it though that maybe it will affect my baby. I’ve been asking my preggy flatmates on what have they experienced on the first trimester............... they were hoping that I am really pregnant infact they are more excited than me.

So then yesterday I went to a doctor and complained on her about this pain. So I had my ultrasound, urine test, blood test and also pregnancy test which turn negative. So sad I was actually dreaming already…huhuhu. All other results were all normal and okay.

I hope the next time i experience like this it is because i will be a mom soon.. Pray for me guys!


kimmy said...

good luck! will you check this out? http://www.kimmyschemy.info/2010/04/happy-birthday-to-my-sister.html

Mommy Liz said...

I am sorry that you are not yet pregnant. Sabi nila, kapag di mo raw hinihintay saka dumadating. Wait ka lang, you're still young, who knows magbuntis ka na rin di ba? Mag OT na lang kau ni Marlon, hehehe..

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