June 30, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest

A big NO! To summarize I dream having a husband who is God Fearing and Intelligent, and to expand that two characteristics that he should posses, as a girl who grew up in an almost convent like school during my secondary education I want my husband to be as religious as I was before. I want a man with a great love to God and honor God in everyday of his life. Other than God I want a man who love and value his family more than himself. Next I want a man who outstand me in any aspect of human’s life. Like I said before he should be a man in a coat and tie…a good conversationalist…and with an overflowing knowledge and ideas in mind.

When I got married and even before that…I asked God why he gave me almost different from the man I dream off and when I joined SFC Dubai I got the answer that I’ve been waiting for…which is… sometimes God answers our prayer not exactly what we wanted Him to give us but what is good for us.

So then I realize that though God didn’t gave me the man I ask from him yet He gave me Pangit whom I love so much despite the differences that we have. He gave someone to tame me and make me grateful that teven if life is difficult as long as you got someone who loves you everything seems so easy.

Happy CC everyone.


Mommy Liz said...

Ay tumpak ka naman dyan. Parang binibigay sa atin ni God ang taong perfect sa ating personality, not the one that we asked for. I absolutely didn't marry my dream man either, but..God gave me someone who can fit to my character and vice versa. Oh di ba? Loves mo si Marlon kahit di siya nag dream man mo at yun ang importante

tatess said...

ako ay naiintriga sa nickname ni Pangit. tagal ko ng binabasa ang mga post me at base don ay mabait siyang asawa. kaya kahit hindi man siya ang dream man mo ay isa naman siyang dream husband.

AC said...

to tame you talaga ha! hehe... ganun ata talaga... God don't give us what we want, but we really need... as long as you love each other, everything else will just be perfect!

By MelCole of PA said...

Ay, pangit naman talaga ni-name mo ni hubby sis. Ok lang, basta labing kayo dalawa, tsaka helping out each other kayo when one is down. Will be addidn you link to my blog if that's ok with you, hope you can check it out.

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