June 23, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest

As much as possible I don’t want to talk about them but since it’s the topic at Couple’s Corner today…so here I go…

Before I thought I was lucky to have my in-laws since they’re a family friend and neighbors when we were young. When hubby was starting to court me, my mom and stepdad told me that they don’t like Pangit not because he has a bad attitude or what but because they don’t like his parents. I don’t understand because as far as I know they’re a great people…having a better life from the rest of neighborhood I thought they have been such a great help to others but my Mom told me there are many things I didn’t know during the last 10 years that I was not around.

With my parents disapproval to Pangit….I didn’t care and I told my Mom that it doesn’t matter if they don’t like his parents coz I will not be living with them but with their son. My love for him was developed and has grown to a much more loving relationship of 3 years before tying the knot. There has been some few problems that we encountered wherein his parents was involve before we get married but it did not affect us.

I have ignored all the negative things I’ve heard from my parents and to some other relatives about them. But then later I realize that they were right. Up to this very moment still I cannot believe why they have done to me those things they’ve been doing to others. They’ve hurt me so bad which turned me to hate myself for hating them. Though holding onto anger and old hurts hardens my heart and hurts me only but I’d rather hurt myself than to give them another chance to hurt me again just like what they did before. It’s enough carrying the same baggage I had 4 years back.

Time will heal its wound and I don’t know when that will be. I hate to hear even their names but that’s something impossible coz I love the very person close to them whom anytime shares stories about them. I do hate my SIL and I hate her the most. I never hated anyone like this only her. Sometimes the evil me wish she’s dead. Would you believe I’ve cursed her before and that thing I wanted to happen to her really happened? She was the person who brought me here and I owe her with that but for all the pain and hurts she have caused me...I am already paid more than what I owed to her.

Another sad story for my very own day...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME...Happy CC Everyone:)


Rossel said...

what a sad memory on your birthday. i am sorry about your in-laws especially your sil sis. just lay everything on God's hands and He will do what is best for them. \

happy birthday! wishing good health and more blessings.

sheng said...

@Rossel: Thanks Sis:)

tatess said...

Happy Birthday! what matters most is youn and hubby loving each other

sheng said...

@ Tatess: u're right dear:)

Mommy Liz said...

Hey, there are times that it's normal to hate people if they did us wrong. And I won't say let bygones be bygones. People tend to hold grudges and it's a normal, and I know how hard it is for you to even think about the names of those people you dislike. But, you are correct, Marlon loves them and since you love Marlon, you cannot ignore that fact that his family makes your blood boil. I am sorry about the topic. It's part of our marriage kaya naisingit ko..Happy Belated Birthday!

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