July 14, 2010

Rodliz’s Nest

We both don't get sick often and in 5 years of being married I don't remember a day that I worried about how to take care of him or vice versa and Thanks God for keeping us healthy all the time.

But in some cases like I having a dysmenorrhea, I would usually ask hubby to prepare my hot bag and medicine and if he’s tired and he feels like he needed a massage…that’s the only times when we both love to treat each other with extra tender loving care hehehe.

But the worst thing that i remember worrying about him was during my first vacation last 2007 where I have to send him to the hospital because he get up at the middle of the night and he can't breath, his legs numb. They have a history of heart problems and he himself was worried that night and he thought that what he felt has something to do with his heart. Good thing the ECG result was okay and he was just told to avoid eating bananas and other food rich in potassium for his legs..

That's all for today's CC post..Happy Wednesday Couples:)


Rossel said...

5 years of not getting sick. congratulations, sis! ehehe. seriously, ang hirap talaga magkasakit and you should be very thankful for not getting sick.

Liz said...

ay, nakaka numb pala ng legs ang potassium? need palang mag ingat si mother, ang siba sa saging non eh. heart problem? eh ang payat kaya ni Marlon, sabagay ang heart problem walang pinipiling edad or shape ng katawan. Buti na lang he's fine.

tatess said...

mga hubby worried talaga pag nagkakasakit tayo .minsan din nga nung masakit tyan ko ,si hubby nakabantay din sa CR at minamassage ako

AC said...

ay si hubby ko naman kailangan ng pottasium kase nanghihina ang legs nya noon... masama rin pala masobrahan... yan ang gusto ko pag massage, give and take... di yung ako lang nag mamassage... sakit kaya sa kamay! hahaha!!!

kha said...

OMG ng- hyperkalemia si hubby mo teh?..it was a safe and nice decision to bring him to the doctor immediately kasi critical yun kung hindi naagapan.. I believed that healthy people often sick pero pag nagkasakit kelangan ng hospitalization.

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