July 12, 2010


We by chance are bonded because we share the same room and though we are far away from our love ones, having each other in one house feels like we have our families with us.
But at times that one has to go...either to go home for good or chooses to find her/his luck in other place/country it feels like a family members is leaving us and we don't know if we going to see each other again. I guess that's life...separation is always sad :(

To change the drama when someone goes…we use to have a farewell treat/party at home just like what happened last night. We had a little dinner (compliment of Big Boy) and picture taking before Ate Ayessa left. She lost her job and has to wait for 6 months before she can come back.

Pose for the camera before the dinner starts.

Ate Ayessa, second to the left, is leaving us..huhuhu
It's dinner time..

Surelly we will miss her. Hope to see her after few months.

 I was just invited by Sassy Mom last week to join her Pixel Bug Weekend Meme and as a sign of saying "thank you" for the invitation i have joined my two blog..hehehe (nde rin nman masyadong excited)


sassy mom said...

Thanks for joining Pixelbug Weekend. I am so happy that you were able to join.

I'm sure you'll miss your friend but she'll have happy memories of you and your friends. Hope to see you this Monday again.

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