July 18, 2010

Not all Filipino's working abroad has enough money to support their family back home as well as theirselves. One time I've meet a school nanny who works from 7am to 3pm, she told me that for her to survive in Dubai with her below average wage she has to do some cleaning services and tutorial after her work. She sends all her salary from school to her family in the Philippines and the money she receives from her extra jobs is for her own allowance.

Well, I am not a school nanny who can do some other jobs from her extra hours everyday just to earn money to support herself. But as a wife and a full time office staff I can do some blog advertising during my free hours at home or at work to earn $$$ for my other expenses.

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A lot of stay at home mom, working at home mom or even a full time worker has earned through blogging so why not me? Happy Blogging!


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